13 Nov

Try These if Your iPhone Does Not Respond

The iPhone is a technological marvel but it doesn’t come cheap. So any problem with an iPhone is cause for concern. But before you think about an iPhone repair, here are a few things you can try, to ascertain whether your iPhone has really gone bad or not.

Does your iPhone fail to respond when you press the buttons or touch the screen? Maybe, it tries to turn on but stops midway and stops responding thereafter? If you have these problems, your iPhone is probably suffering from a frozen screen.

If the screen is frozen or black- Even if the phone is not responding, you can still force your iPhone to restart. All you have to do is press the Sleep and the Home button together for ten seconds. Don’t worry. The restart won’t erase any content on your iPhone. Keep the buttons pressed until you see the Apple logo.

If the phone won’t start or turn on- It may be a low battery problem. Connect your iPhone to the charger and keep it charging for at least one hour. If you are able to see the charging sign inside of a few minutes, it means the battery was drained and it just needed to be charged. If you cannot see the charging sign after an hour or if you can see the ‘connect’ icon, disconnect the phone and check the USB cable, power adapter and connector. There might be problem with one of these attachments. Ensure that there are no breaks in the wire and there is no debris anywhere. You can avoid many a iPhone repair by checking these things.

If the device gets stuck when it is turning on- If the device doesn’t progress from a red/blue screen or the Apple logo during startup, connect the phone to your computer and begin iTunes. Now press the Sleep/Wake button and Home button again to restart the phone. Don’t let go when you see the Apple logo. Wait till the screen boots to the recovery mode. You will see a message asking if you want to update or restore your phone. If you click update, iTunes will try to update your phone’s iOS. So press update. Don’t worry. Your data won’t be erased.

Update will complete in 15 minutes- The update process can take up to 15 minutes (iTunes is downloading the software). If the process crosses 15 minutes, your iPhone will come out of Recovery mode. If it does, repeat the steps from forcing your iPhone to restart. If this does not solve your problem, you can either contact Apple Support or you can contact an iPhone repair service.

11 Oct

Tips to Counter Problems in Your Tablet’s Touchscreen

Regular smartphone and tablet use has made touchscreen usage something we have come to expect of our gadgets today. So when your device stops responding to your swipe, pinch, zoom or other touch commands, it can be frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can help you if you feel your trusted device needs a tablet screen repair job.

Free up your system RAM

In many cases, instead of a tablet screen repair job what you might need to do is check the RAM on your tablet. Apps running in the background can blaze through your system RAM, so the first thing to do is shut down and close apps you are not using at the moment. Close the desktop apps and then head to the Start screen. Next, in Modern task switching view start dragging Apps onto the main screen and close them one at a time. On Apple devices, double click the Home button to display open Apps and kill them one by one.

Spring clean your tablet

With a huge number of videos, music, apps and other files active on your device, the space on your tablet can get eaten up pretty fast and that slows down response from your tablet when you try and use the touchscreen.

Start by clearing the App Cache. Uninstall any Apps you do not use much. Check which Apps eat up the most space on your phone by heading to Settings => Apps. See if you can live without some of the beefier ones and uninstall those as well. You may also want to use a Memory Booster RAM Optimizer or similar to free up space.

Delete any files that are taking up a lot of space. This could be videos, photos or music. Visit the Storage section under Settings to take stock of what’s using up space. Tapping through on the Audio button will let you directly delete songs, for songs pinned to Google Play Music, unpin them.

Restart the tablet

As with all devices, sometimes tablet screen repair can be averted by simply doing a restart. Keep the power button held down until the Restart button appears on Android devices. On a Windows 8 tablet, use the Restart button that you find in the Power tab under Settings in the Charms Menu. If the tablet doesn’t respond to this, try holding the power and Windows button down together to make it shut down. When it restarts, the open apps should be now closed. With an iPad close the Apps before shutting down.

Using Calibration

An option available only to Android tablet users, all it takes is locating the Calibration function under the Settings => Display section. On a Windows 8 device, follow the instructions after clicking through from Start (type Calibrate) to Settings and choosing ‘Calibrate the screen for pen and touch input’.

Fix the screen yourself

Something only the most skilled can undertake is a DIY tablet screen repair job in case of an alignment issue that has made using the touch functions near impossible. And even then, only if the product is out of warranty, is a low cost Android device (where the possible loss in case you mess up is minimal and if you have the tools and know-how needed. You will need to physically remove the display and then carefully place it back correctly. And the results are not guaranteed. Mess up and you may have a tablet that does not work at all.

Pin down the problem using Apps

Clever tinkerers have an insider tip on working out the nature and extent of problems with touchscreens on tablets. Use your Apps! For instance, the Maps App can help zero in on pinch to zoom and dragging issues, a calculator when tapped on can help work out portions of the screen that are unresponsive.

By trying some of these workarounds you may find success with your tablet screen repair, but before you meddle with the physical device, you may do well to call in for some tech support from the manufacturer.

24 Aug

Types of Web Hosting Services

To have a strong online presence for your business, it is imperative to hire a good web hosting service. But if you are new to the online space, it can get quite confusing to choose a service that fits you right. You may not fully understand the various services and tools on offer and may end up choosing a web hosting service that does not really fit your requirements.

4 types of web hosting

Different services provide hosting for different kinds of businesses. Although the basics remain the same, you have to understand these types to then decide which one suits your requirements the best. A number of considerations like budget, expertise, specific tools and add-ons required have to be taken into account when choosing a web hosting service in Halifax, or anywhere, that is right for your business.

Four of the major options available for web hosting services for your business are:

Shared hosting – This is where you pay for hosting your service, but pay less since you share your host server with other websites. Shared hosting is a very good option for smaller businesses and startups that cannot afford entire servers. To avoid interference or spamming from other sites hosted on the same server, choose a service that has good hardware and hosting equipment.
Free hosting – This type of hosting is chosen when the website is made for fun, or started as something that is not vital for your company. If you need web presence just so you can give a website to anyone who wants to know about your company, but are not fundamentally dependent on it, then this is a good option. You can either buy a domain name and host it, or choose a free subdomain within the hosting service. Subdomain content cannot usually be transferred.
Dedicated hosting – In this service, you have an entire web server dedicated to your website and data. This is the perfect option if your business depends entirely on your online presence. This option can be quite expensive since the hosting company has to set up and maintain a server for you. However, you will get ready knowhow and expertise from the service.
Co-located hosting – It refers to an in-house hosting setup. This is a good option for large companies, since such hosting would require buying expensive equipment, hiring a dedicated team of experts to start and maintain the hosting services, along with having a separate space for the setup.
WordPress Hosting — for many this is a specialized type of hosting, but for some it’s your standard shared or VPS hosting that calls attention to specific functionality that’s great for use with WordPress, like a 1-click apps manager, automatic backups and upgrades, and security lockdown features.

Now you can make a well informed decision about the kind of web hosting service you want to opt for based on your business requirements.

05 Apr

Tips to Improve your Sexual Performance

Sexual performance can hit a low drive at any age. The reasons could range from lifestyle factors to illnesses. Certain prescription drugs also tend to reduce the libido. But if you are experiencing a low sex drive, it is not all downhill for you in this department. Consider these tips to improve your sexual performance.

Up your stamina

Good sexual performance requires stamina. If your fitness levels are not up to the mark, it can affect your sexual performance. Keep your heart healthy by indulging in at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise. A healthy heart is important to improve sexual performance. Try any high-intensity workout such as running, swimming or dancing. With these exercises you can also lose excess weight, which can further help increase your stamina, improving your sexual performance.

Eat for sexual health

A good diet is important for all body functions. To improve sexual performance you must eat more foods that can induce good sexual health. Garlic, peppers and onion improve blood circulation by regulating your blood pressure and reducing inflammation. Potassium-rich foods such as banana are great for sexual health as they keep blood pressure in check.

Eating foods that are high in vitamin B can reduce stress levels and lead to increased blood flow to the sexual organs. Eggs, kidney beans and peanuts are healthy sources of vitamin B. Also eat more of Omega-3s that improve blood circulation. Healthy sources of Omega-3s are oily fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados.

You can also try herbs and supplements for enhanced sexual performance. Natural herbs such as ginseng are known to boost the libido. Safe supplements like Alpha Elite can also improve sexual performance by increasing stamina, boosting your libido and increasing the blood flow to your sexual organs.

Reduce your stress levels

Reduce the stress in your life if you really want to improve your sexual performance. Stress elevates blood pressure which adversely affects the libido. It also accelerates your heart rate in an unhealthy way, reducing your sex drive. Stress can also lead to some people increasing their alcohol intake and may also cause them to smoke; both of which are bad for sexual health. Exercise and physical activities help reduce stress levels. Good communication with your partner and spending meaningful time with your family can also lower stress levels. Go outside for a walk and soak up some sun and let fresh air improve your health and your mood.