24 Aug

Types of Web Hosting Services

To have a strong online presence for your business, it is imperative to hire a good web hosting service. But if you are new to the online space, it can get quite confusing to choose a service that fits you right. You may not fully understand the various services and tools on offer and may end up choosing a web hosting service that does not really fit your requirements.

4 types of web hosting

Different services provide hosting for different kinds of businesses. Although the basics remain the same, you have to understand these types to then decide which one suits your requirements the best. A number of considerations like budget, expertise, specific tools and add-ons required have to be taken into account when choosing a web hosting service in Halifax, or anywhere, that is right for your business.

Four of the major options available for web hosting services for your business are:

Shared hosting – This is where you pay for hosting your service, but pay less since you share your host server with other websites. Shared hosting is a very good option for smaller businesses and startups that cannot afford entire servers. To avoid interference or spamming from other sites hosted on the same server, choose a service that has good hardware and hosting equipment.
Free hosting – This type of hosting is chosen when the website is made for fun, or started as something that is not vital for your company. If you need web presence just so you can give a website to anyone who wants to know about your company, but are not fundamentally dependent on it, then this is a good option. You can either buy a domain name and host it, or choose a free subdomain within the hosting service. Subdomain content cannot usually be transferred.
Dedicated hosting – In this service, you have an entire web server dedicated to your website and data. This is the perfect option if your business depends entirely on your online presence. This option can be quite expensive since the hosting company has to set up and maintain a server for you. However, you will get ready knowhow and expertise from the service.
Co-located hosting – It refers to an in-house hosting setup. This is a good option for large companies, since such hosting would require buying expensive equipment, hiring a dedicated team of experts to start and maintain the hosting services, along with having a separate space for the setup.
WordPress Hosting — for many this is a specialized type of hosting, but for some it’s your standard shared or VPS hosting that calls attention to specific functionality that’s great for use with WordPress, like a 1-click apps manager, automatic backups and upgrades, and security lockdown features.

Now you can make a well informed decision about the kind of web hosting service you want to opt for based on your business requirements.

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