03 Apr

What You Need to Know About Plesk VPS Hosting

Websites need to be stored on dedicated hosting servers to be accessible and function well. There are different hosting options available to website owners. People with smaller pages or a limited budget can share server space with other small websites. Larger websites with higher traffic need better options like dedicated servers or VPS. Here’s a look at Plesk VPS:

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server; a dedicated private server isolated with the help of virtual separation. A single hardware server unit can host multiple virtual units based on its size. The benefits of this server include :

  • A hosted website has its own private environment, which improves its overall security and efficiency.
  • VPS provides more room to larger websites so they can add data without worrying about space or decreasing performance.
  • It is easily scalable as you need not add a hardware server to keep up with website demands.
  • Hosting service providers and admins have an easier time managing websites in VPS because all assets are isolated.
  • If one VPS develops a problem, other assets on the same server aren’t affected. This is a common problem in shared servers.

This system offers several other benefits, which is why it is one of the most reliable hosting platforms. Plesk can make this even more reliable and easier to use.

What is Plesk VPS hosting?

Plesk is an award-winning web hosting control panel for your VPS that provides hosting service providers and admins full control over their virtual server. It’s an evolved platform that offers several great tools to streamline management. Here are some standout features of this platform:

  • Plesk has a web-based interface that allows admins to set up websites, email accounts, reseller accounts, etc, with a streamlined process.
  • It offers integrated support for Docker, GitHub, multi-server management, and a framework ready environment for many popular products.
  • It is also customizable with several add-ons available. Admins can choose add-ons like Kaspersky Antivirus, WordPress Toolkit, Developer Pack, etc, based on their specific requirements.
  • This is a secure and stable platform, upgraded regularly to maintain modern standards in security.

Hosting a website on a Plesk VPS hosting will ensure your page is consistent, secure, and performs well at all times. If you’re looking for a reliable hosting server for your website, this is the right choice.