03 Apr

Tips to Negotiate a Lower Home Loan Interest Rate

When you got a home loan, you might have bagged the best interest rate among the prevailing ones. We at Home Loan Comparison always recommend that prospective buyers first compare different loans, their terms and conditions etc. before making a final decision. 

But interest rates keep changing and you may be unaware about it. You may be paying more than the present rates call for and you want to know how to fix it. Being a highly competitive market, lenders in Australia are always eager to offer discounted rates to attract borrowers. But you need to take some effort and learn how to negotiate with them in order to get a lower homeloan interest rate. Some steps to follow include:

  1. You Need To Do Research

You need to research the local property market before you approach any lender. Be well armed with information on the interest rates various banks and lenders are offering. This would enable you to negotiate from a position of advantage as the lender knows that you are well informed. To help you with this research, check out current interest rates available on Home Loan Comparison.

  1. What Rate Are New Customers Being Charged?

It is good to know the rate new customers are paying. If they are paying less, the question you should pose to your lender is “Why are you charging me a higher rate than the new customers and what about new facilities for me?” You are the loyal customer and you must get a lower rate too without being subjected to any discrimination.  Your knowledge of the interest rates in the market will help you argue effectively with the lender and negotiate a better rate. Remember that even a 0.50% lower interest rate will save you a lot of money over the life of the loan.

  1. Switching Banks – Don’t Hesitate

It is common for bankers to think that existing customers are indifferent about their loan and may not give a thought to refinancing it. You have to put in some effort, but the whole exercise of refinancing can be worthwhile as it saves you a tidy amount in the future. As for banks, they would not like to lose your account if you have been a creditworthy borrower. They know well that retaining a present customer is better than searching a new one. They would be more than willing to consider you for a good offer.

One of the best ways to ensure that your lender isn’t short-changing you is to keep abreast of the latest financial trends and be aware of existing loans and interest rates. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact Home Loan Comparison co.

05 Apr

What to Do In Halifax

Halifax is a port that is the perfect blend of urban and rural. This balance automatically creates thousands of experiences and things to do; all of which can be enjoyed by people of different ages. You will never be at a loss for what to do in Halifax. Here are some of the things the place has to offer:

  1. Outdoor activities

Halifax is situated on the ocean and there isn’t any dearth of water-based activities like paddle boarding, surfing, boating, and kayaking. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for walking, biking, and hiking. These outdoor activities give you the chance to see Halifax at its best- in the open air.

  1. Nightlife

Halifax is known for its nightlife. You can have a blast on the party boats that sail the Halifax harbor or visit a Maritime pub reverberating with live music. The place also boasts of several sophisticated cocktail bars if that’s what you prefer. 

  1. Discovery Centre

This is a very interesting science center that has been recently moved to brand new premises on the waterfront. This colorful open space needs to be on your ‘what to do in Halifax list if you have curious kids. They can learn a lot about the science behind rock n’ roll and play real instruments and learn how to fly planes too.

  1. Murphy’s Harbor Tours

If you are traveling with family, Murphy’s the Cable Wharf has a number of sea and land tours to offer. The Theodore Tugboat’s Big Harbor Adventure and Jump on the Harbor Hopper (amphibious adventure) offers the best of sea and land. The Tall Ship Silva offers experiences like being a pirate and you also have the option to learn how to sail real sailboats if you like.

There are heaps of other things Halifax has to offer leisure and adventure travelers that are curious about knowing what to do in Halifax.

03 Apr

What You Need to Know About Plesk VPS Hosting

Websites need to be stored on dedicated hosting servers to be accessible and function well. There are different hosting options available to website owners. People with smaller pages or a limited budget can share server space with other small websites. Larger websites with higher traffic need better options like dedicated servers or VPS. Here’s a look at Plesk VPS:

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server; a dedicated private server isolated with the help of virtual separation. A single hardware server unit can host multiple virtual units based on its size. The benefits of this server include :

  • A hosted website has its own private environment, which improves its overall security and efficiency.
  • VPS provides more room to larger websites so they can add data without worrying about space or decreasing performance.
  • It is easily scalable as you need not add a hardware server to keep up with website demands.
  • Hosting service providers and admins have an easier time managing websites in VPS because all assets are isolated.
  • If one VPS develops a problem, other assets on the same server aren’t affected. This is a common problem in shared servers.

This system offers several other benefits, which is why it is one of the most reliable hosting platforms. Plesk can make this even more reliable and easier to use.

What is Plesk VPS hosting?

Plesk is an award-winning web hosting control panel for your VPS that provides hosting service providers and admins full control over their virtual server. It’s an evolved platform that offers several great tools to streamline management. Here are some standout features of this platform:

  • Plesk has a web-based interface that allows admins to set up websites, email accounts, reseller accounts, etc, with a streamlined process.
  • It offers integrated support for Docker, GitHub, multi-server management, and a framework ready environment for many popular products.
  • It is also customizable with several add-ons available. Admins can choose add-ons like Kaspersky Antivirus, WordPress Toolkit, Developer Pack, etc, based on their specific requirements.
  • This is a secure and stable platform, upgraded regularly to maintain modern standards in security.

Hosting a website on a Plesk VPS hosting will ensure your page is consistent, secure, and performs well at all times. If you’re looking for a reliable hosting server for your website, this is the right choice.

31 May

Travel with Bally Taxis Across Nova Scotia

Bally Taxis and Limousine provide cutting-edge airport taxi services from Halifax Airport to destinations all across Nova Scotia. Passengers can choose from our wide range of services at their convenience, and we operate across the maritime. We provide affordable smart urban solutions for the transportation needs of our passengers throughout Nova Scotia. We provide pickups to and from Halifax airport and our services are designed in a manner to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible.

How do pickups work?

If you require a pick-up service to the airport, just let us know via our website or call us up and let us know. You can also change your type of service within reasonable time limits if it is required. Our driver will be at your location well before you have asked us to come. For airport pickups, you will need to check with the Airport Ground Transportation Booth in the Arrival sections. You will need to furnish your name, and you will be promptly be directed to where your driver will be waiting.

Long distance benefits

As a comprehensive taxi service, our routes extend to every nook and corner of Nova Scotia to far off locations in the province such as Barrington, Arichat, Baddeck, Acadiaville, Ingonish, and Louisbourg. You will be clearly informed of how much the fare will be before you board your taxi so there will be no confusion when it comes to payments. Furthermore, the further you need to travel, the cheaper the taxi rate.

Affordable range of services

Although we offer luxury and limousine services, our most popular services are our highly affordable hatchback services that are famed for their punctuality across the region. You can get taxis for under $50 to certain locations in the region. In addition, our level of service does not depreciate with the nature of the car. All our cars are incredibly well-maintained by our professional driving staff, and you can expect the car you receive to be tidy and clean in all aspects. Our drivers are trained to be courteous, graceful, and hospitable to the passengers, and we can boast of having some of the best drivers in the country. If you feel that there is any problem with the driver or the car, please contact our support staff immediately to have your problem resolved.

24 Aug

Types of Web Hosting Services

To have a strong online presence for your business, it is imperative to hire a good web hosting service. But if you are new to the online space, it can get quite confusing to choose a service that fits you right. You may not fully understand the various services and tools on offer and may end up choosing a web hosting service that does not really fit your requirements.

4 types of web hosting

Different services provide hosting for different kinds of businesses. Although the basics remain the same, you have to understand these types to then decide which one suits your requirements the best. A number of considerations like budget, expertise, specific tools and add-ons required have to be taken into account when choosing a web hosting service in Halifax, or anywhere, that is right for your business.

Four of the major options available for web hosting services for your business are:

Shared hosting – This is where you pay for hosting your service, but pay less since you share your host server with other websites. Shared hosting is a very good option for smaller businesses and startups that cannot afford entire servers. To avoid interference or spamming from other sites hosted on the same server, choose a service that has good hardware and hosting equipment.
Free hosting – This type of hosting is chosen when the website is made for fun, or started as something that is not vital for your company. If you need web presence just so you can give a website to anyone who wants to know about your company, but are not fundamentally dependent on it, then this is a good option. You can either buy a domain name and host it, or choose a free subdomain within the hosting service. Subdomain content cannot usually be transferred.
Dedicated hosting – In this service, you have an entire web server dedicated to your website and data. This is the perfect option if your business depends entirely on your online presence. This option can be quite expensive since the hosting company has to set up and maintain a server for you. However, you will get ready knowhow and expertise from the service.
Co-located hosting – It refers to an in-house hosting setup. This is a good option for large companies, since such hosting would require buying expensive equipment, hiring a dedicated team of experts to start and maintain the hosting services, along with having a separate space for the setup.
WordPress Hosting — for many this is a specialized type of hosting, but for some it’s your standard shared or VPS hosting that calls attention to specific functionality that’s great for use with WordPress, like a 1-click apps manager, automatic backups and upgrades, and security lockdown features.

Now you can make a well informed decision about the kind of web hosting service you want to opt for based on your business requirements.

05 Apr

Tips to Improve your Sexual Performance

Sexual performance can hit a low drive at any age. The reasons could range from lifestyle factors to illnesses. Certain prescription drugs also tend to reduce the libido. But if you are experiencing a low sex drive, it is not all downhill for you in this department. Consider these tips to improve your sexual performance.

Up your stamina

Good sexual performance requires stamina. If your fitness levels are not up to the mark, it can affect your sexual performance. Keep your heart healthy by indulging in at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise. A healthy heart is important to improve sexual performance. Try any high-intensity workout such as running, swimming or dancing. With these exercises you can also lose excess weight, which can further help increase your stamina, improving your sexual performance.

Eat for sexual health

A good diet is important for all body functions. To improve sexual performance you must eat more foods that can induce good sexual health. Garlic, peppers and onion improve blood circulation by regulating your blood pressure and reducing inflammation. Potassium-rich foods such as banana are great for sexual health as they keep blood pressure in check.

Eating foods that are high in vitamin B can reduce stress levels and lead to increased blood flow to the sexual organs. Eggs, kidney beans and peanuts are healthy sources of vitamin B. Also eat more of Omega-3s that improve blood circulation. Healthy sources of Omega-3s are oily fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados.

You can also try herbs and supplements for enhanced sexual performance. Natural herbs such as ginseng are known to boost the libido. Safe supplements like Alpha Elite can also improve sexual performance by increasing stamina, boosting your libido and increasing the blood flow to your sexual organs.

Reduce your stress levels

Reduce the stress in your life if you really want to improve your sexual performance. Stress elevates blood pressure which adversely affects the libido. It also accelerates your heart rate in an unhealthy way, reducing your sex drive. Stress can also lead to some people increasing their alcohol intake and may also cause them to smoke; both of which are bad for sexual health. Exercise and physical activities help reduce stress levels. Good communication with your partner and spending meaningful time with your family can also lower stress levels. Go outside for a walk and soak up some sun and let fresh air improve your health and your mood.