31 May

Travel with Bally Taxis Across Nova Scotia

Bally Taxis and Limousine provide cutting-edge airport taxi services from Halifax Airport to destinations all across Nova Scotia. Passengers can choose from our wide range of services at their convenience, and we operate across the maritime. We provide affordable smart urban solutions for the transportation needs of our passengers throughout Nova Scotia. We provide pickups to and from Halifax airport and our services are designed in a manner to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible.

How do pickups work?

If you require a pick-up service to the airport, just let us know via our website or call us up and let us know. You can also change your type of service within reasonable time limits if it is required. Our driver will be at your location well before you have asked us to come. For airport pickups, you will need to check with the Airport Ground Transportation Booth in the Arrival sections. You will need to furnish your name, and you will be promptly be directed to where your driver will be waiting.

Long distance benefits

As a comprehensive taxi service, our routes extend to every nook and corner of Nova Scotia to far off locations in the province such as Barrington, Arichat, Baddeck, Acadiaville, Ingonish, and Louisbourg. You will be clearly informed of how much the fare will be before you board your taxi so there will be no confusion when it comes to payments. Furthermore, the further you need to travel, the cheaper the taxi rate.

Affordable range of services

Although we offer luxury and limousine services, our most popular services are our highly affordable hatchback services that are famed for their punctuality across the region. You can get taxis for under $50 to certain locations in the region. In addition, our level of service does not depreciate with the nature of the car. All our cars are incredibly well-maintained by our professional driving staff, and you can expect the car you receive to be tidy and clean in all aspects. Our drivers are trained to be courteous, graceful, and hospitable to the passengers, and we can boast of having some of the best drivers in the country. If you feel that there is any problem with the driver or the car, please contact our support staff immediately to have your problem resolved.